How to be a Sustainability Wench

At risk of sounding like a Girl Guide, every day I’ll attempt to do something at home that is good for the planet and my wallet. Most of the stuff is small – like making soap, baking instead of buying, or planting a bee garden. There will be gratuitous garden and food pics. There will be skipped days due to being up all night with sick kids. There will still be takeaways eaten and short car trips. I might not photograph those bits.

To be a Sustainability Wench:

  • Grow veges you want to eat.
  • Walk round your garden with a glass of wine as often as possible (not in the mornings if the neighbours can see).
  • Embrace second-hand shops, for clothes and furniture.  So much cooler than Keeping Up With The Jones’.
  • Reduce your shame threshold. Asking random strangers if you can raid their overloaded quince tree is good. Taking them some spiced quince gin after 3 months is even better.

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