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Doing the Sustainability in the Chaos

26 Jul

With a large contract to work on, blogging has taken a back seat over the past few weeks. It’s also been school holidays, and the entire family came down with the cold and spew bugs in the same week. Messy.

What is interesting is how all the little sustainability projects I’ve been experimenting with have helped me get through the busy times.

The apple cider vinegar drinks helped clear our noses.

The seeds on the mantelpiece and in the cold frame have been germinating well, left to their own devices and squirts of water – giving me a little thrill to look at every time I walked past them on the porch.

Aloe vera masks with a drop of lavender oil helped my stressed skin.

My hand scrub (plus I used it on my feet) was a lovely pamper treat tonight at the end of a very crazy (but successful) work week.

It took no time at all the clean the bath and microwave, and do a quick dusting session with my sustainable solutions. These were chores I had very little time to do.

Homemade greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of homemade lemon curd stirred through has become my fast, easy and deliciously tangy breakfast.

These busy times are when I thought I’d drop the ball on being a Sustainable Wench, but I’m happy to realise that I’ve set some positive habits for myself.  Didn’t stop me from spending the money and treating ourselves to fish and chips tonight however.


Snow Prep

18 Jun

Apparently it’s going to snow lots over the next few days. Christchurch as a city gets a bit panicky in the snow. We’ve had snow in the city every winter for the past few years – not a whole lot – but it’s still a big novelty. Most things shut down. Which must be hugely entertaining for the Canadians I think.

I thought it best to get the garden ready this afternoon. The thing about gardening though, is that weather happens. You can only do so much to help the plants. Sometimes they die. That’s life.  My task list was pretty small:

  • stake all the large broadbeans (a couple of months ago it snowed and they got hammered). They look a bit wonky in the pic below. That’s because I ran out of tights to tie them up. I will have cold legs.
  • pick all the ripe limes, lemons and mandarins
  • tuck the seedlings away in their house
  • put the shovel and secateurs close to the garage entrance
  • admire my winter garden while it still looks good . . . because next week it may all be under water
  • open the doors of the house to give it a big dose of fresh air before we hunker down


What’s quite good about this Sustainability Wench bizzo, is that if the shops shut, I can:

The hardest bit will be keeping the small fry entertained.

Homemade Yoghurt Part 2

13 Jun

Yesterday I set the wheels in motion to test our new yoghurt maker. This morning we got to test the results.

Very much a big thumbs up from everyone, even the picky 3-year old. It was creamy and yoghurty and all the things yoghurt should be. We used the berry topping, otherwise it wasn’t sweet enough for the kids. Tonight I tried it with whizzed up black boy peaches. Very zingy and tart (in a good way). As you can see below, ‘food stylist’ is not part of my job description.


Disappointingly, the packaging that the base/culture comes in is not recyclable. Facebook Easiyo did tell me that the one packet I used is the equivalent of six pottles from the shop, which would have gone to landfill. That’s something I guess (though I always thought those pottles could be recycled?) The ingredients tell me the pasteurised whole and skim milk solids come from free range cows. It was great to stuff the 6 year old with it when he came home bleating of hunger after school.

Homemade Yoghurt Part 1

12 Jun

Over the past week, I’ve slowly developed the sore throat, headaches and tiredness that comes with the winter months. Now’s the time it becomes harder to be the good Sustainable Wench. I feel like vegetating in front of the tele, ordering takeaways every night for the family, and buying all sorts of prepackaged convenience foods. Fortunately, making and baking is now a firm habit, and I persevere. Also, I’ve been napping lots, which is very important if you want to be a Sustainability Wench.

Today my new yoghurt-maker arrived by courier. I bought it online for $33. It’s a New Zealand company, and has a good reputation. Key reasons I bought it are:

  • It’s an inexpensive way to make yoghurt, as long as I make it often.
  • Yoghurt is filling, hopefully reducing the number of times my kids say they’re hungry.
  • There is less packaging than if I bought yoghurt from The Supermarket.
  • I can make other stuff with it.
  • It’s very fresh.

I can’t tell you how it tastes yet, as it has to sit overnight doing it’s thing. Whatever that is. Fingers crossed for thick, creamy yoghurt with defrosted blackboy peaches for breakfast tomorrow. Watch this space.