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The Green Grocer

8 Jul

Shopping Day. Not the supermarket chore it used to be. Now it involves buying up bulk at the peaceful bulk food shop, then popping next door to the family-owned green grocer. The great thing about the green grocer, is that I know their eggs come from happy chickens near Mt Somers in Canterbury. They also give away big bags of fruit and vege scraps – ideal for chickens or to boost your compost. You get to chat about the state of the nation and the weather for free too.



Clothes Shopping, Sustainability Wench Style

7 May

Today I took my friend Janine shopping at Tasman Traders – a local second-hand clothes shop. Not a fancy ‘Vintage’ shop. Not a Pre-Loved Label Boutique. Just a warehouse with loads of second-hand clothes. She’d never really been into this scene before, so I thought I’d show her around.

I love the palaver of hunting down a little treasure, then looking at the crazy-low price and getting all excited. I’m the one in the shop going ‘oh my god look at this!’ ‘oh my god look at this!’ loudly, over and over and over again. There’s also a wide range of deliciously ugly stuff that you take photos of and send to friends on your phone immediately.

Today I scored  bargains that fit into my current 1940s phase. Let me list them:

  • $4 Chic polka-dotted ’40s style blouse with pearl buttons (see my cheesy pic)
  • $4 V-neck navy fine woolly jumper
  • $5 Men’s chequered pants – the most comfy I’ve EVER OWNED
  • $3 Paul Frank green and pink crocodile bag, not strictly vintage-looking, but too cool to pass up (see my pic)
  • $4 White lace-adorned white shirt
  • $1 Nana-style shoes (see my pic)
  • $3 Thick woolly Arran-style jersey for my 3-year old
  • $4 Cross-over cardy

$28 in total. What a buzz! Janine made purchases too. Then naturally a treat of coffee afterwards. Now don’t get me wrong, I love buying something new and beautiful – especially when I get lots of wear out of it. Some people would rather Trawl the Malls all the time for the same ol’ samey sameness, and may feel a bit icky about wearing second-hand. Which is fine – more bargains for me.