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The Worst Chore Made Easy

22 May

I was stuck at home with a tired, asthmatic child today, so was not in a particularly Creative Save The Planet frame of mind. Squishing some cleaning between Takahe work and hangin’ with the six-year-old was the order of the day.

I’ve been thinking about how grubby parts* of the shower are for the past week. Sadly, thinking about it did not make it clean. This morning I sprinkled baking soda liberally in the shower, then went away, had coffee, did work, played with Lego etc. A bit later I sprayed it with white vinegar. I used lots of vinegar, mainly because it makes an excellent and satisfying fizzy sound as it lifts all the grime off. I gave it a bit of a scrub, and was very pleased indeed when I hardly had to use any elbow grease at all. Less than when I use conventional bath/shower cleaners with stupid packaging.

My good friend/business partner/bridesmaid-to-be uses this method regularly and swears by it. She also recommends a spray (1/3 bleach, 2/3 water) to disinfect loos and sinks after cleaning. Quite amazing how much faster you can walk down the cleaning product aisle of the supermarket (or bypass it altogether) when you have these little tricks up your sleeve.

No photo today because showers are boring.

*because my family uses baking soda to shampoo and apple cider vinegar as a conditioner,  the bottom part of the shower is actually very white and clean – just round the edges that is grimy.  Though if your shower is grimy all the way through, I do not judge. You probably have a life to live which is more exciting than shower-cleaning.


Crazy Chemical-Free Shampoo

19 Apr

Last week I mentioned that I’d started trying baking soda as a shampoo replacement. This is one of the weirdest things I’d heard of recently, but in the name of sustainability, I thought I should give it a go. There are probably many ways of applying baking soda that are documented on the internet, but if it involves mixing, it’s cutting into Coffee-Time. My technique was:

  • Wet hair.
  • Shake baking powder onto hand.
  • Quickly chuck it onto hair and massage.
  • Repeat for longer hair.

It’s a very odd feeling rubbing a powder onto your hair, and it doesn’t create that artificial silkiness that chemicals can provide.  As soon as I used it however, I could feel all the cheap icky supermarket shampoo build-up washing out. My hair was soft and bouncy. After a few days, the ends starting drying out quite a bit (I’ve got medium-length hair), so I’ve been experimenting with the occasional spritz of apple cider vinegar (then rinsing) on the ends. I’ve also been careful about the parts of my scalp I apply the baking soda to, trying to concentrate on just the oilier bits.

I definitely recommend trying it, perhaps for a few days when you have no important events happening.  Also make sure you clean the baking soda out of your ears.  My sister has very short hair and is now a baking soda convert. I’ll keep trying it for another few weeks, but if the ends still crisp up, I’ll stick to using it once a week to clear the supermarket shampoo out.

Baking soda