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Quick Pamper Hand Soak

30 Jun

Following on from the Brown Sugar Pamper Hand Scrub, I made a hand soak tonight. It’s not just about looking after my hands. It’s also about taking the time to make something purely for myself, and spend 10 minutes sitting down doing nothing much. You can make it in an ad break, or soak while reading a page of the newspaper (would have to be the same page though so that it doesn’t get all soggy when you turn the it).

In a bowl, mix:

  • Lots of warm water
  • Some drops of lavender oil
  • Gel from a leaf of aloe vera
  • Half a cup or so of rolled oats (good to whizz lots up finely in a food processor and keep them in a jar for this purpose)
  • A few tablespoons of oil. I used canola oil, but I think it would be better (and more therapeutic) with a more cosmetic-used oil such as olive, almond, or rosehip.


Soak hands or feet for 10 minutes. Think about nothing much during this time. Follow up with a favourite hand cream.


Porridge Saves The Day

8 May


The first proper frost of the year coincided with a low supply of bread this morning. Porridge Time. I make porridge in the winter for a number of reasons:

  • Cheap.
  • Warm and nourishing (makes me feel like a good, healthy parent like on TV ads).
  • Cheap.
  • Quick.
  • Cheap.

I have to dress it up quite a bit, otherwise it would make me gag. So if a nutritionist looked at it, they might look sternly at me. We don’t let any nutritionists in the house at that time though, so we’re all safe. I also make it with water because my 6 year-old used to have a severe dairy intolerance so we got used to it this way. You can buy porridge in all shapes and forms at The Supermarket. Which is weird considering how easy it is to buy rolled oats, with way less packaging and hype. This is our special way of making and serving porridge (serves 4):

  • Slowly simmer 2 cups rolled oats with 5 cups water until the oats have thickened. We have it quite sloppy (like a good thick vege soup).
  • Stir in lots of sultanas or raisins and cinnamon.
  • Pour into bowls. Sprinkle with brown sugar. Or golden syrup. Sometimes my hand slips a bit with this part.

It’s the day before pay day, so no cinnamon or sultanas in the house. We cracked open a jar of home-preserved blackboy peaches to have with the porridge. Best. Thing. Ever.