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The Green Grocer

8 Jul

Shopping Day. Not the supermarket chore it used to be. Now it involves buying up bulk at the peaceful bulk food shop, then popping next door to the family-owned green grocer. The great thing about the green grocer, is that I know their eggs come from happy chickens near Mt Somers in Canterbury. They also give away big bags of fruit and vege scraps – ideal for chickens or to boost your compost. You get to chat about the state of the nation and the weather for free too.



Lazy Bread for a Lazy Day – Revisited

19 May

This recipe has become very popular with my friends, so I thought I’d share it again. This morning I had poppy lazy bread with thick lemon honey on it. Supper before bed will probably be the same thing. So cheap. So tasty. No hassle.

Here’s a pic of this morning’s goodness.



sustainability wench

I woke up to the sound of cold rain falling this morning, and was unable to move my neck properly for the fifth day in a row. These two events meant:

  • closed curtains
  • minimal work
  • LAZY BREAD for dinner

My good friend Anwen (also my rosehip supplier) gave me this recipe which she had sourced from her friend, Anne Jul from Denmark. This concept of super-easy bread may be no new thing to some, but to me it was a revelation. I’m ok with kneading bread, but it really does cut into my Coffee/Wine Time.

I wrote this recipe on a scrap of paper in my *special* kind of shorthand, and then adapted it to my ‘no time for scales’ style. Sorry to the Danish Bread-Making Community for the lack of accuracy.

  • Mix 1 heaped teaspoon yeast with 500ml warm water.
  • Add 1 teaspoon salt and 700g flour (or I…

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