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The Green Grocer

8 Jul

Shopping Day. Not the supermarket chore it used to be. Now it involves buying up bulk at the peaceful bulk food shop, then popping next door to the family-owned green grocer. The great thing about the green grocer, is that I know their eggs come from happy chickens near Mt Somers in Canterbury. They also give away big bags of fruit and vege scraps – ideal for chickens or to boost your compost. You get to chat about the state of the nation and the weather for free too.



The Chickens Have Landed

10 Apr

So it’s hardly a small start, but today we got chickens. A Mum and her three teeny fuzzy chicks. By getting the chicks, we hope to:

  • Get free eggs – another thing we don’t have to go to The Supermarket for.
  • Educate our kids about chickens.
  • Have an efficient kitchen-waste system.

The second-hand hen house cost a hundred bucks on Trademe. The birds were free from a friend. I invested an extra $50 in sawdust, chicken wire, and the chicken equivalent of Sultana Bran. This whole project has been discussed by our family for over two years. In the end it was fairly painless . . . so far.  Turns out the cat is very interested. I will keep you updated on this situation.