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2 Jul

More seed planting tonight while the oven heated up for lazy bread. The reasons for this were:

  • So I don’t have to splash out a small fortune on seedlings in the spring
  • To supplement my (so far very lazy) chickens’ feed
  • To provide me with something to trade with over the coming months (esp. for lemons)

I chucked seed raising mix into 3 punnets and planted more basil, silverbeet, and bok choy. These three punnets get the sunny spot on the lounge windowsill. The seedlings that were there go in the cold frame outside, and one of the punnets from the cold frame is now hardening up under the eaves. Bit like musical chairs. One is always left out in the cold.

It helps that all this is done within an eight metre radius. Not too much walking required. Then the bread went into the oven. Whammo. Sustainability Wench-ness achieved, thus cancelling out the takeaways we had for dinner (no actual scientific evidence in this theory).



Making the Most of a Warm Autumn Day

26 May


We’ve had a cracker weekend of sunshine. So the garlic went into a horse-poo prepared bed. This was horse poo we bought for .50c from the side of the road on the outskirts of Christchurch. Apparently the moon is not in the best place for planting garlic, but I’m not prepared to wait for the next sunny spell at this time of year. I also sowed silverbeet seeds (for the fickle chickens who have decided they like it for now), parsnips, and bok choy. They’re all sitting snug in my homemade propagation box.

Over the past few years, as I’ve eased my way into vege gardening, I’ve realised just how regularly you need to sow seeds to keep the pantry full. It’s not a matter of sowing over a few weeks in Spring and leaving the garden to do the rest. If I haven’t sown any seeds for a few weeks, I start getting worried, even in the winter.

Other eco-friendly ways we took advantage of the sunny weather were:

  • Raking up the leaves from the cherry tree, loading them onto the compost.
  • Doing as much clothes washing as possible and drying it outside. We have no dryer, so this is important.
  • Cutting back the AkeAke so it lets more sunlight in the window (on sunny days we rely on the sun warming up the house in the afternoons, delaying switching on the heatpump).

While I was on the green roll, I also sprinkled baking soda over all the carpets, had a coffee, then vacuumed it all up. The baking soda acts as a natural deodoriser. Much cheaper and easier than buying some of that carpet shakey-powder stuff that smells like toilet spray. No stupid packaging either.

Obviously it’s now time for a wine and a block of Whittakers chocolate.