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2 Jul

More seed planting tonight while the oven heated up for lazy bread. The reasons for this were:

  • So I don’t have to splash out a small fortune on seedlings in the spring
  • To supplement my (so far very lazy) chickens’ feed
  • To provide me with something to trade with over the coming months (esp. for lemons)

I chucked seed raising mix into 3 punnets and planted more basil, silverbeet, and bok choy. These three punnets get the sunny spot on the lounge windowsill. The seedlings that were there go in the cold frame outside, and one of the punnets from the cold frame is now hardening up under the eaves. Bit like musical chairs. One is always left out in the cold.

It helps that all this is done within an eight metre radius. Not too much walking required. Then the bread went into the oven. Whammo. Sustainability Wench-ness achieved, thus cancelling out the takeaways we had for dinner (no actual scientific evidence in this theory).



Winter Basil Love

29 May

I was intrigued to see little baby basils growing in a pot in a friend’s kitchen last night. I assume that when I use the remains of my pesto in bottled pasta sauce in April, that it’s the last I smell of this summery scent until January.

You’ve got nothing to lose by sowing seeds and trying them at different times of the year. If you try sowing a variety of seeds often, something will germinate. If you sow nothing, nothing will germinate. It’s not an expensive exercise.

This evening I sowed a punnet each of basil and random perennial seeds that an elderly woman from down the road gave us (we have no idea what it’s called, all we know is that it has a purple flower). They’ll stay inside through the winter, then the perennials can move to my homemade propagation box in the early spring.