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Doing the Sustainability in the Chaos

26 Jul

With a large contract to work on, blogging has taken a back seat over the past few weeks. It’s also been school holidays, and the entire family came down with the cold and spew bugs in the same week. Messy.

What is interesting is how all the little sustainability projects I’ve been experimenting with have helped me get through the busy times.

The apple cider vinegar drinks helped clear our noses.

The seeds on the mantelpiece and in the cold frame have been germinating well, left to their own devices and squirts of water – giving me a little thrill to look at every time I walked past them on the porch.

Aloe vera masks with a drop of lavender oil helped my stressed skin.

My hand scrub (plus I used it on my feet) was a lovely pamper treat tonight at the end of a very crazy (but successful) work week.

It took no time at all the clean the bath and microwave, and do a quick dusting session with my sustainable solutions. These were chores I had very little time to do.

Homemade greek yoghurt with a teaspoon of homemade lemon curd stirred through has become my fast, easy and deliciously tangy breakfast.

These busy times are when I thought I’d drop the ball on being a Sustainable Wench, but I’m happy to realise that I’ve set some positive habits for myself.  Didn’t stop me from spending the money and treating ourselves to fish and chips tonight however.


Good Plants that Cost Zilch

2 May

Tonight I divided my Aloe Vera plants. I bought an Aloe Vera plant from my neighbourhood garden nursery about 4 months ago, but the nursery-bloke dropped it at the counter. He then ‘gave’ me the damaged one, and got a fresh one from out the back for me to buy. I don’t think he expected the dropped one to survive, but I made sure it did.

I need more Aloe Vera plants for my face and hair masks over the winter. Instead of spending money on them though, it’s a piece of cake to divide existing plants in the garden. With a bit of potting mix and recycled containers, I spent 15 minutes gently separating the baby plants from the Mummas, putting them in their new beds with a bit of water, then rewarded myself with a cup of tea. I’ve put some pics below, but this site shows you the process a bit more clearly.

Four months ago I purchased two plants for $3.95 (ok, one was a bit munted). Tonight I have 11 Aloe Vera plants, some of which I’ll trade for jam.

Image Image Image

Aloe Aloe Aloe

29 Apr

Sunday nights call for a bit of pampering. But not the type that takes up valuable Glass-of-Wine-Time. I’m not into putting store-bought concoctions on my face and hair when they are full of chemicals and flavours, but nor can I be bothered mixing my own mask every time out of foodstuffs. I like my avocados mashed on corn chips, and my eggs poached with hollandaise.

Last night I stripped out the gel from two Aloe Vera leaves and squished it up. This took 5 minutes. It looked like the remains of a violent sneeze. There’s no escaping that. I grabbed gobs of it as best I could and smoothed it on the ends of my hair, then pinned my hair up for about ten minutes to let the gel do its thing.

While my hair was fermenting, I smeared the Aloe Vera gel on my face. It felt really lovely. I washed it off after about 5 minutes and put my homemade almond and rosehip oil on. De-lish.

It took longer to rinse the gel out of my hair than it would with a regular conditioner, and I wasn’t sure if it made my hair feel better until this morning. I definitely felt a difference. Softer and less crispy on the ends.

I’ll do this again, but will need to create more Aloe Vera plants by separating my existing two.

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