Door Sausages

20 Jun

I made door sausages today. Both the front and back doors have big gaps underneath them. If you place your hand by the floor, you can feel the rush of air. This week that air is freezing. Using a homemade door sausage works by:

  • keeping drafts to a minimum
  • saving electricity
  • using materials that might normally be chucked out
  • saving money (you don’t have to buy one at the shops)

The front door sausage had to be particularly large because it has a little step up. I folded an old towel in half and hand-stitched around it, leaving a gap. Then I stuffed it full of old sheets and cloth, and sewed up the gap. The back door sausage is a bit smaller – I was able to rip an old towel in half lengthways then stitch and stuff that. Not having a sewing machine shouldn’t be a reason not to sew. Hand stitching can work perfectly well. Especially when you have coffee and the tele on.



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