Knitting for the Love of Coffee

15 Jun


I started knitting yesterday. It’s been awhile. I had some knowledge of knitting when I was about 10 years old. I tried again a number of years ago, but without the knowledge of how to bind off, it was doomed to fail. Or go on for all eternity. Either way, it was too hard.

I want to keep my coffee hot in the morning. Sometimes it’s awhile before I get to drink it. A friend gave me the idea of a plunger cosy last year, and with the days still getting shorter, the time had come To Knit. So I found some cheap yarn, practised lots*, and followed YouTube tuition on how to knit a buttonhole and bind off. A friend got me started, showing me how to cast on. I found a large button to use behind the dishwasher (I’d seen it fall down a few months ago).  As you can see, it’s a particularly magnificent creation. My friend Kirsten suggested we call it a Coffee Onesie. There’s a reason you can’t see the buttonhole. Best to keep that bit round the back.

I’ll be knitting more, especially in the winter. It’s therapeutic for active relaxers like me, it’s cheap, and you can create stuff.

*Had to start again quite a few times


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