Homemade Yoghurt Part 2

13 Jun

Yesterday I set the wheels in motion to test our new yoghurt maker. This morning we got to test the results.

Very much a big thumbs up from everyone, even the picky 3-year old. It was creamy and yoghurty and all the things yoghurt should be. We used the berry topping, otherwise it wasn’t sweet enough for the kids. Tonight I tried it with whizzed up black boy peaches. Very zingy and tart (in a good way). As you can see below, ‘food stylist’ is not part of my job description.


Disappointingly, the packaging that the base/culture comes in is not recyclable. Facebook Easiyo did tell me that the one packet I used is the equivalent of six pottles from the shop, which would have gone to landfill. That’s something I guess (though I always thought those pottles could be recycled?) The ingredients tell me the pasteurised whole and skim milk solids come from free range cows. It was great to stuff the 6 year old with it when he came home bleating of hunger after school.


2 Responses to “Homemade Yoghurt Part 2”


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