Homemade Yoghurt Part 1

12 Jun

Over the past week, I’ve slowly developed the sore throat, headaches and tiredness that comes with the winter months. Now’s the time it becomes harder to be the good Sustainable Wench. I feel like vegetating in front of the tele, ordering takeaways every night for the family, and buying all sorts of prepackaged convenience foods. Fortunately, making and baking is now a firm habit, and I persevere. Also, I’ve been napping lots, which is very important if you want to be a Sustainability Wench.

Today my new yoghurt-maker arrived by courier. I bought it online for $33. It’s a New Zealand company, and has a good reputation. Key reasons I bought it are:

  • It’s an inexpensive way to make yoghurt, as long as I make it often.
  • Yoghurt is filling, hopefully reducing the number of times my kids say they’re hungry.
  • There is less packaging than if I bought yoghurt from The Supermarket.
  • I can make other stuff with it.
  • It’s very fresh.

I can’t tell you how it tastes yet, as it has to sit overnight doing it’s thing. Whatever that is. Fingers crossed for thick, creamy yoghurt with defrosted blackboy peaches for breakfast tomorrow. Watch this space.


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