Leftover Mashed Spud Deliciousness

10 Jun

Next time you make mashed spud, I recommend making extra just so you can cook this up the next day. Brilliant at any time of the day (or night). Plus it’s cheap, easy, and uses up leftovers instead of opening a packet of something.


  • Take a couple of cups of mashed spud that’s spent some time in the fridge.
  • Add quarter-ish of a cup of flour, a teaspoon-ish of baking powder, some salt, fresh chopped herbs (whatever you’ve got), and a tablespoon-ish of soft butter.
  • Stir it up, wham it into patties, fry both sides in butter.
  • Eat, BAM! Instant comfort.

It’s a winner with bacon, eggs, and lots of homemade relishes and sauces on the side. Tonight I had it with my increasingly famous red onion relish.  So so so good.


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