Best Ever Fish

2 Jun

Tonight was fish night. Not because I went to the shop and decided Tonight Was Fish Night,  but because my sister gave me some blue cod yesterday. Use what you have in the fridge I say.

Pan-fried fish with a beurre noisette sauce is a really easy, cheap, and tasty way to celebrate the fish that died for your plate. Plus it sounds super-fancy.

I ate it before considering taking a picture of it for the blog. Here is a picture of a blue cod. I used to work at an aquarium. These little guys are really polite, but grumpy-looking. It didn’t look grumpy on my plate at all.


To learn more about blue cod in New Zealand, visit

To make my version of fish with beurre noisette:

  • Pan fry white fish fillets on both sides quickly in butter. A couple of minutes maximum  suits me. Put them onto hot plates.
  • Put 25g (or whatever) of butter in the hot fry pan, and cook gently until it’s browned up nicely. Take off the heat. Add juice from half a lemon, chopped parsley, roughly chopped capers. Pour onto fish.
  • Eat immediately. We didn’t eat anything with it. Just the fish.

You’re meant to use unsalted butter, but I never have that in my fridge. It’s also really good without capers if that’s how you roll. It’s a pretty good feeling eating a dish where the fish was sourced locally, the parsley was straight from the garden, and the only cost is the butter and capers.

I got the recipe from my Stephanie Alexander cookbook. Don’t let the title deceive you. I live in New Zealand and have no problem translating their Australian language. It’s a great book for getting the most out of whatever is in season. It wasn’t cheap, but I’m a fan of buying a handful of excellent books that you refer to time and time again, rather than buying up large and only using a few recipes from each book.



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