New Fruit

30 May


Today was the day I’d been dreaming about for weeks. The chance to try my first ever homegrown lime. After careful consideration, I decided to have it in a vodka tonic. An excellent decision. It was divine. I slipped it into my drink about 1 minute after picking. We’ve had the shrub for a couple of years, but this year is the first time we’ve had any fruit from it. I’m sure nurturing the herb, bee and butterfly garden beds around it helped, as did the worm poo.

As I sipped on my fresh lime vodka tonic, I stewed some windfall apples with tamarillos that my friend Sarah had sent down all the way from Whangarei. They were such perfect specimens. Sarah and I have been buddies since primary school, and worked at a supermarket together when we were at high school – possibly a reason why we both love vege gardening. We’ve seen what supermarkets do to fresh produce. The outcome of the apple tamarillos tastes a bit odd in it’s pure form, but once sweetened and spiced up, it’ll be great as a pudding.



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