A New Mag on a Stormy Night

27 May

I found a new magazine tonight at the shop. After a gruelling day with a scratchy throat, ‘Green Ideas’ seems the right thing to relax to while I wait to see if it snows or just rains outside.

For starters, the $3.90 cost of the monthly mag is a winner. I have the luxurious ‘splashing-out-on-a-magazine’ feeling without breaking the bank. There’s a healthy mix of controversial subjects, worldwide and domestic issues, long term goals, and quick green fixes in the mag, accompanied with URLs to check out.

The back page is cool. It features ’10 things we learned while making this issue’. This month it includes:

  • ‘Green’ reusable supermarket bags are still made from a kind of plastic.
  • Sea water is naturally fluoridated.
  • Endangered native bats are living in Auckland’s suburbs.

There’s no talk of how how to get the perfect body, what the latest stars are up to, or how to decorate your house the fanciest way to impress your neighbours. It’s only the third issue, but I’m contemplating subscribing.



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