Homegrown Chili Flakes

20 May


I grew chili plants for the first time last summer, and had great success. I waited until the plants were on special for $1.95 at the garden nursery (in the middle of summer), then bought three different types, potted them in larger pots, and kept them on the concrete in full sun. Within a fortnight I had chili growing. 

As they ripened, I picked them and dried them inside. Then I put them in a jar, screwed the lid on, and popped them on the spice shelf in the pantry. Except I put them away too soon, and last week when I pulled one out to crumble into a curry, they’d gone all furry like a jar full of red pointy dust bunnies.

Fortunately I’d brought one plant inside over the Autumn that was still fruiting. I’ve picked all of the chilies off, and will dry them for longer this time. Growing your own chili is cheap, easy and convenient. It involves no stupid packaging and the results can be enjoyed throughout the year. Just buy more than one plant in case of dust-bunny-chili. 


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