No-Brainer Watering Bottle

17 May


This Sustainability Wench Tip is a simple one that re-uses rubbish and benefits your garden.

Throughout the year I have seedlings and cuttings in various spots around the house. The number one rule is not to let them dry out. Sometimes I do let them dry out because I am lazy and put off watering until it’s too late – especially in the winter when the cooler weather fools you into thinking the punnets under the porch are damp enough.

Today I made a couple of watering bottles to keep on hand right next to the plants:

  • Grab large empty plastic bottle.
  • Punch holes in the lid with stabby little scissors. I use ones I borrowed from my parent’s medicine cabinet twenty years ago.
  • Fill bottle up with water, put lid on.
  • Water the plants by giving the bottle a bit of a squeeze in their direction.

By watering through little holes, you avoid that tsunami-effect on the little seedlings. If you fill the bottle up to the top, you don’t have to refill it straight away (depending on how many plants you’ve got to water). 


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