Spiced Quince Gin and Fig Jam . . . Test Day

16 May


Three months ago I snaffled a few kilograms of quinces from a house down the street (with their permission). I grated them up (skins and all) and put it all in a one litre bottle with a cinnamon stick, vanilla pod, and some cloves, then covered it up with cheap gin. Today I poured it through some cheesecloth. Test Day.

I thought I would serve it with my homemade fig jam and blue cheese on crackers. I hadn’t tried that one properly either. I also had some homemade tomato relish on hand which I knew tasted great, in case everything else tasted like old boot.

The gin has definitely morphed to something with lots of spicy flavour. It’s very dry, smells delicious, and has a slight bitterness that I got used to as I had a few more sips. Not something I could drink in a hurry, but very civilised on a quiet evening. A great way to use quinces too. I’ll have it with quite a bit of ice next time, but there was none in the freezer this evening.  Three of my neighbours didn’t have any either. I may have looked a bit odd wandering from house to house in my slippers grasping a tumbler, asking for ice. Luckily my neighbours are fabulous.


The fig jam was another story. I can’t bring myself to like it. Sadly, it’s going in the bin so I can re-use the jars.



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