Beauty in my Broken City

15 May

I had to venture into town today, across from the newly developed ReStart precinct. Going into the central city in Christchurch is not as it used to be. For readers who may not be aware, my hometown suffered two devastating earthquakes a couple of years ago. The second of which (February 22nd 2011) resulted in the deaths of 185 people, injuries to thousands, and destruction of most of our inner city and many suburbs.  We lived in a surreal and disjointed environment. Since the first biggie on 4th September 2010, Christchurch has suffered over 11,000 aftershocks. Some were minor. Some made you hide under the desk and hug your children. Some people left town.

The city is ever-changing. Every now and then, streets re-open for you to glimpse the cleared land, partial demolition, and to try to work out where all those pieces of Christchurch-Past that you loved, used to be.

Today I walked past the Christchurch Cathedral, and down Worcester Boulevard. There was a woman looking through the wire fencing, wiping tears away with her scarf. This is sometimes how it is in Christchurch.


After this walk, I needed some cheer, so wandered down the newly re-opened New Regent Street with its Spanish Mission architecture. Looking at these buildings, you can almost pretend there were no earthquakes.



My last stop was Hagley Park, which has remained mostly (and defiantly) unchanged throughout the earthquakes. Here I discovered Men Mucking Around With Boats. I’m ashamed to say that despite my love of history and my heartfelt connection with my hometown, I’d never come across the Christchurch Model Yacht Club, which has been around since 1898. Victoria Lake is GLORIOUS, and I’ll be taking my kids there this Saturday, and introducing them to some of the Club members I spoke with today.



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