Loo-Cleaning Magic

14 May

And now . . . to the unglamorous subject of toilet cleaning. Buying detergents for toilets is crazy – (weak pun alert) – it’s like throwing money down the toilet. Plus a ridiculous waste of packaging.

Shake a bit of the ol’ baking soda (the very stuff I wash my hair with) into the toilet. Have a coffee, or wine, then give it a bit of a scrub around with a toilet brush and flush. Sparkly white toilet hurrah! Not rocket science. If you want it to smell nice, open a window. Plant lavender or daphne underneath the window if you’re that worried about what your guests think. These two Kiwi women have great ideas about baking soda and DIY cleaning stuff:



Obviously no photo today. It’s not a pretty subject.

In other news, I sold the last of my hellebore clumps to a fancy hotel in town today. Warm fuzzies!


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