Soap-Making Saturday

11 May

We are almost out of soap. So we made a batch today. I bought a bag of Henrietta’s Natural Soap base a couple of months ago from a local craft shop called Hands. I think you can buy it online too. There may be a cheaper way of making soap, but I’m happy with my process. There’s no extra packaging, no messy melting, no giving money to Mr Colgate Palmolive or Mrs Johnson and Johnson. Also no weird ingredients that have numbers as names. I anticipate that a 1kg bag of soap base is going to last us between 4-5 months.

Step 1. Boil jug, put coffee and water in plunger and set aside.

Step 2. Pour a couple (or whatever) cups of soap base into a bowl. Add a tablespoon or so of stuff like:

  • whizzed up lavender flowers
  • oatmeal
  • liquid honey
  • coconut
  • mint leaves
  • any kind of essential oil
  • cream
  • sunflower oil

Step 3: Add a teeny bit of hot water at a time and mix until it’s a stiff mixture. Squeeze handfuls of it together to make bars or balls. Set aside on paper for 24 hours.

Step 4: Plunge coffee, sit down, drink coffee.

Today we made a gardeners soap of oatmeal, honey, and coconut, and a general shower soap of lavender oil, lavender flowers, and honey.  My last batch was mint leaves with peppermint oil, marigold flowers and oatmeal.





2 Responses to “Soap-Making Saturday”

  1. Soap Ingredients July 2, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    The 3 pictures are almost like a progression.


  1. Brown Sugar Pamper Hand Scrub | sustainability wench - June 28, 2013

    […] Mix it all up and put it in a jar. You can see that the quantities are pretty informal. When you use it on your hands, take the time to massage your skin with it. It feels amazing. I then rinse and wash it off with my homemade soap. […]

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