Facebook Fruit

10 May

I came home from work today to find this on my doorstep:


I had arranged via Facebook, to swap Granny Smiths from a friend for a jar of my Feijoa Jam. I’ll stew and bottle them to stock my cupboards with winter vitamins.

Facebook and Twitter certainly have their icky, weird, and dangerous sides if not monitored properly. But I’ve used both the social media sites quite a bit this Autumn to barter. Last month I exchanged my last bag of homegrown tomatoes for a large bag of my favourite coffee via Twitter. As the trees have started dropping their fruit, I’ve sourced pears, quince, figs, apples, peaches, feijoas, lemons, and glass jars from friends via Facebook. Returning the favour with gifts of bottled fruit or jam is essential.

I’ve had great feedback from people who are enjoying the fruit-swaps. Normally their fruit would go to waste. I love how we can use modern technology to promote such an old-fashioned concept. Imagine if everyone with a vege garden purposefully grew a glut of something to swap, or even give away to people who need it. Neighbourly-love and all that.

Tonight we had a fruit crumble made with blackboy peaches, pears, and feijoa jam. All sourced from my street and the next street over. It tasted delicious. Now we just need to find a neighbourhood cow for the cream.


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