Selling the Goods

4 May


Yesterday I helped my good friend, future bridesmaid, and business partner, clear out a big part of her garden. This involved digging out masses of hellebores (winter roses).  Kàren transplanted a few of these to a new garden bed, but this still left us with a large pile of the plants. I was going to biff them, but apparently people spend quite a bit on these in the shops.

This morning I set up a wee stall outside my house with the help of my six year-old. I made sure we only used materials we found in our garage (ie, free). The stall has directions for payment (through the old-fashioned letter slot in our front door), so we’re relying on people’s honesty + karma. I also added some of my extra Aloe Vera plants to the stall. It’ll be great to cover some of the cost of the native plants we’ve bought for Kàren’s new native garden, but we have no expectations.

We didn’t sell any today, but we’ll keep it out during the week (bringing it in at night) to see how it goes. If they don’t sell, I’ll find a spot in my garden for them. The big bonus is that the six year-old gets very excited by a shop on our lawn, and it’s also a lovely way to meet people in our community, all of whom seem really normal.


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