Good Plants that Cost Zilch

2 May

Tonight I divided my Aloe Vera plants. I bought an Aloe Vera plant from my neighbourhood garden nursery about 4 months ago, but the nursery-bloke dropped it at the counter. He then ‘gave’ me the damaged one, and got a fresh one from out the back for me to buy. I don’t think he expected the dropped one to survive, but I made sure it did.

I need more Aloe Vera plants for my face and hair masks over the winter. Instead of spending money on them though, it’s a piece of cake to divide existing plants in the garden. With a bit of potting mix and recycled containers, I spent 15 minutes gently separating the baby plants from the Mummas, putting them in their new beds with a bit of water, then rewarded myself with a cup of tea. I’ve put some pics below, but this site shows you the process a bit more clearly.

Four months ago I purchased two plants for $3.95 (ok, one was a bit munted). Tonight I have 11 Aloe Vera plants, some of which I’ll trade for jam.

Image Image Image


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