Bok Choy for the Chooks

27 Apr

A couple of weeks ago, we got a Mumma chicken and her four bebe chicks. We call them Mumchick and Sons (though there is some evidence the bebes are all girls).

We feed them chicken food and mash, but I’m keen to supplement their diet with homegrown greens and kitchen scraps. Forking out at The Supermarket for vegetables is ridiculous when many greens can be grown in winter.

Mumchick and Sons enjoy silverbeet, herbs and leftover lazy bread, but their favourite seems to be bok choy (or as we call it, Bok-Bok Choy). So today I transplanted some seedlings into the garden (I’d sown the seeds about three weeks back). It was such a beautiful day, I ended up getting a bit manic and sowing sweet peas, silverbeet (also for the chicks), carrots and broad beans. We mucked out the chook enclosure and moved them to a fresh bit of lawn. They’re growing beautifully, and the cat has left them alone.  The didn’t say thank you, but I know they love us.

Bok Choy Teenage chicks


4 Responses to “Bok Choy for the Chooks”

  1. Bronwyn Kirkwood May 9, 2013 at 8:05 am #

    Hi, just a new visitor to your site. A lovely friend of yours who I met today and got chatting with suggested I should check out your site – so here I am. I have three Sussex hens and they enjoy warm porridge as a treat this time of year. Love the bok-bok-choy reference. Because my girls have the run of my orchard and are totally spoiled they turn their wee noses (ahh-beaks) up at bok choy, spinach and silverbeet – unless of course they break into the vege garden, then it’s their favourite foods!

    • sustainabilitywench May 9, 2013 at 8:48 am #

      Yay for chooks and porridge! And lucky chooks indeed. Mine are about to be treated to pear cores tomorrow. Unless they escape AGAIN. Then no pudding for them.


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