The Wheels on the Bus . . .

26 Apr

One thing that irks me a bit is how some people spend lots of money entertaining their kids in the holidays *getting out the soapbox*. Sometimes it’s the little things that get the most smiles.

Today we caught a bus into town with friends. This was of great excitement for the three year old, who I’m slightly ashamed to say, had never been on a bus before. There was the getting-to-the-bus stop-fun, the waiting-for-the-bus-fun and the actual-bus-ride-fun. Wandering around Restart in the open air gave the kids opportunities to run around and harass buskers.  The thought of driving like a ninja to find a carpark at an enclosed mall and dragging kids through an artificial climate, listening to the rabble of the Shoppers Looking For Bargains bouncing and echoing off every surface (deep breath) . . . is truly awful. You can tell I’m not a fan of supporting the malls. I don’t want my kids growing up thinking that malls are a normal shopping environment.

In Christchurch, the devastating earthquakes have meant living in an ever-changing city. After having so many things taken away from us, I appreciate the return of simple things. Like a bus service, inner city trading, buskers, trees, and footpaths.

Elise in Cashel Mall 2013


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