The Five Bucks Bespoke Bookshelf

25 Apr

The other day I went to EcoShop  This is the Christchurch City Council shop that sells all the bits and pieces that are one person’s trash, but another person’s treasure. It’s the best place in town for big time bargains. I bought a $5 wooden ladder which Occupational Safety and Health would not approve of. I also picked up a couple of wooden skateboards for a total of $8. Occupational Safety and Health wouldn’t approve of those either, but the kids do, which is the main thing.

It took me a couple of hours to sand back the icky paint and splodges and to do the primer coat on the top. This morning I put the pop of red on it and bunged in some books. Choosing the books probably took longer than refurbishing the ladder. With such a vintage-y shelf, I was reluctant to put in any trashy novels. This meant that I had to put in books that:

  • Look good.
  • Make me look smart.

I’m pretty stoked with the result. A preloved item bound for the dump, rescued by the City Council, and given a new life by me.

shelf before   shelf after



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