“Clean Up On Aisle-Garage”

23 Apr

A good friend recently gave me a beautiful old oak dresser for my daughter’s room. So my daughter’s former set of drawers (which was also pre-pre-pre-loved) was put out onto the footpath as a giveaway. Nobody took it. Then it sat outside by the back door for a week in the rain and sun. I finally hauled it into the garage after feelings of guilt took over.

Last night I had a 2am brainwave that would sort out the following dilemmas:

  • I don’t want to spend $$ to take the drawers to the dump.
  • The garage is a mess.
  • I keep buying seeds I already have.
  • I have punnets and trays all over the place.
  • Guilt over wasting a perfectly functional set of drawers.

So I filed stuff in the drawers and found enough seeds to last through next summer. Then I painted little signs on the drawers using a special freehand typeface. My work here is done. If you look really closely you can still see some ‘rustic’ bird poo on there.



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