Pears for a Rainy Day

21 Apr

Another cosy rainy day today. The ground was too soaked to garden, so the day was spent in the kitchen, channeling my Gran who always had yummy treats in her pantry.

My sister gave me a massive basket of pears a while back, which are still pretty solid. I tested one raw. It had the flavour of old boot that’s gone through a couple of days on the Milford Track. So I peeled ’em, stewed em’ then squished them in sterilised jam jars with a stick of cinnamon. No extra sugar or fancy tricks required. Hopefully the boot-taste will dissipate following the stewing and cinnamon treatment.

One of the cheapest and tastiest winter puds is fruit crumble, and I’m aiming to make it through the upcoming winter without needing to buy any fruit at all.



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