Aphids Suck

18 Apr

I was cross to find aphids on my broadbeans this morning. One plant had to be pulled out, it was in such bad condition. I’m not a fan of broadbeans by themselves, but I planted two packs of seeds so I can make broadbean and walnut spread in the winter. This will be perfect for sandwiches for when my relish runs out, and it tastes nothing like boiled broadbeans. I’ve never had an aphid issue in my current vege garden, and have always had a bit of a smug ‘oh, I never get pests!’ kind of attitude. Famous last words.

I know organic, homemade remedies may not be long-lasting, but I couldn’t be bothered going to the shop to buy chemicals, especially since it’s midday and I’m still wearing my pajama pants. So I made this spray. In an old spray bottle, put:

  • 2 teaspoons cooking oil.
  • 1 big tablespoon dishwash detergent.
  • Fill with water. Shake gently to combine.
  • Spray on plants.
  • Wash off an hour later.

So I did all this, then read another recipe that called for laundry soap flakes, NOT dishwash. So I might try that one next. As soon as payday comes round, I’ll hunt out some nasturtiums to plant among them which might also help. Garlic spray is another good remedy, so that might be a project for another day.

Aphid juice


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