Compost Love

16 Apr

This morning I spent some quality time with the compost.

I started this compost in spring with a roll of chicken wire and some stakes. I’ve put loads of stuff into it that the experts say you shouldn’t. Like weeds, onion skins, more weeds, seeds, dead plants and citrus. My only rules are:

  • No meat.
  • No ivy or convolvulus, and minimise oxalis that goes in (also jasmine and honeysuckle if I had those on my property).
  • Turn it every week with a garden fork.
  • Admire it regularly.

Being picky with the compost is not something I feel like doing when I’m traipsing out in my jim-jams (aka pajamas) in the dark with a bowl of scraps. At that stage I’m just trying not to stand on a hedgehog. When I use the compost on the garden, I’m ok with any seeds being distributed with it. I’m down with weeding. As you can see by the bulging compost-stomach, it seems to relish everything else. Today I gave it a bag of horse poo I picked up on a country drive for .50c. It probably had more weed seeds in it. Sometimes we give it a dose of vermicast, and we give it all the chicken poo. I think a good compost can’t work alone – the chickens, worm farm, vege garden, compost and Christchurch City Council green waste systems all work as a team.



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