Baking Bikkies

15 Apr

The key reason I bake biscuits is because the raw dough tastes awesome.  Other reasons are:

  • No packaging required.
  • Low cost (unless they’re fancy).
  • No mystery ingredients .
  • They make more (well, they would if I didn’t eat so much of the raw dough).

In the style of a 1950’s housewife, I’ve been making an effort to keep the biscuit tins stocked up for lunchboxes and afternoon teas. Otherwise, it’s too easy to zip into the dairy and buy rubbish for the kids when they’re bleating after school.

Here’s my favourite choc chip biscuit recipe.

Cream 225g butter, 3/4C white sugar, 3/4C brown sugar.

Add 2 eggs and 2t vanilla.  Chuck in 1t baking soda, 2 1/4C flour, 1t salt, 2C (or whatever) choc chips. I do not sift. Sifting cuts into my Coffee Time.

Combine it all, spoon it out in blobs on a tray, bake 180deg celsius until cooked (15 minutes-ish).

This recipe will prompt you to learn how to sneak and eat behind pantry doors without the kids finding out.



2 Responses to “Baking Bikkies”


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