Filling up the Winter Vege Garden

14 Apr

Weekends for our family mean spending time in the garden and not on the housework. It’s a rule we’ve embraced, especially with daylight saving finished. My recommendation is that everyone adopts this rule. More relaxation for all.

This winter is the first year we’ll be utilising the entire vege garden, partly to make sure the chickens (Mumchick and Sons) will have enough food, partly to reduce our food bill, and mostly so that our food tastes better.

Now, historically I’m no vege-fan. Most of them made me gag (in case my parents are reading this, it wasn’t your cooking, it was my tastebuds). Fortunately my tastebuds have matured, just in time for me to exclaim “but this pumpkin soup is delicious!” to my kids when they start gagging.

Today we put in a dozen beetroot (used to loathe them, now I love them roasted) and a couple of dozen leeks alongside the compost. I *accidentally* bought a cheap, decent-sized tamarillo (NZ$3.95) from the nursery bargain section which is a bit of an experiment. Frostcloth required for that soon methinks.

BTW, there are an abundance of massive deals to be had at many garden centres in autumn. I saw apple trees, kaffir limes, peonies, hellebores, coprosmas plus loads more from between NZ$1.00-$3.95. You could easily fill some gaps in your garden to reduce the weeds for just a tenner.


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