Tomatoes and Toilet Paper

13 Apr

Time to harvest the tomato seeds today. I like to plant all my tomatoes from seed and in bulk (50 plants this year).  By doing this, I can:

  • Save money.
  • Sell some excess seedlings in our annual street garage sale.
  • Make decent-sized batches of sauce and relish to last through winter.

Harvesting the seeds is really easy, and takes less time than it does to go to the garden centre and buy them.

I scoop out the seeds from some ripe tomatoes and rinse them in a sieve. Then transfer them onto toilet paper to dry. Once they’re dry, I put them in an envelope, loo paper and all,  ready to plant into punnets in spring. You’re meant to use paper towels apparently, but since I don’t use scented coloured loo paper (WHY DOES THIS EXIST???!!!), I figure my seeds are safe. As you can see, it is tricky to make tomato seeds on loo paper look good in a photo.

*Due to tweaking my back muscles today, I was unable to carry out the much anticipated ‘What music do my chickens like best?’ experiment, as advertised on my Twitter and Facebook pages.



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