12 Apr

Fridays used to be Fish And Chip Night, and sometimes they still are. But it’s super-budget-week in our house this week, so I cracked open the homemade pasta sauce.

I made a couple of batches of this last month to save money and reduce trips to The Supermarket. Sauteed up some onions and leftover anchovies, emptied in 4 or 5 tins of tomatoes, capers, chili, and fresh pesto. After simmering through episodes of Grand Designs, Bones, and Project Runway, I whizzed it all up with a stick blender then put in jars. These ingredients sound a bit poncy, but I made a resolution at the start of the year to make more Spanish food, so I had it all in the fridge. I grew 100 basil plants from seed over the summer, so this pasta sauce was a great way to preserve the flavour. You can buy tinned tomatoes in bulk by the tray – totally recommend doing this. I got mine from the Mediterannean Food Warehouse here in Christchurch. Boil up some dried spaghetti, stir in the sauce, add a pile of grated cheese. I kind of still want some chips though.

Update on Mumchick and Sons – the new chickens are still alive and peeping. The cat now ignores them. Happy days.

Update on Almond Rosehip Oil homebrew – veeery nice on the skin thank you very much.



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